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Why major in economics?

posted Sep 2, 2014, 2:47 PM by Joel Wood
Today was orientation day for new students at TRU, and I was asked to pitch our BBA Econ Major to the incoming business students. The tough part was that I only had 30 seconds! I basically* said the following:

    So an economist, an accountant, and a manager walk into a bar....well, sorry I'm an economist so I don't really know any jokes.
    Why should you choose to major in economics?
    You'll study big ideas like why are some countries relatively rich while others are relatively poor.
    But you'll also study more specific topics like how customers will respond to an increase in price of a product.
    If you want a broader education, you should choose to major in economics and hopefully I will be seeing you in class over the next few years.

I suspect I had them at "bar".

(*Note: This is not a transcript and I am absolutely terrible at recalling exact wording of anything.)