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Carbon Pricing Links

posted Oct 24, 2016, 3:48 PM by Joel Wood   [ updated Oct 25, 2016, 6:29 AM ]
There has been lots of great stuff written over the past few weeks related to carbon pricing in Canada; so I thought I would make a list. These are just the ones I recall off the top of my head (Now updated with a couple suggestions from twitter). Has there ever been a more exciting time to be an environmental economist in Canada?

Tracy Snoddon (Sept 15): Time for Canada to install a federal floor under lagging carbon prices (Related C.D. Howe report)

Ross McKitrick (Sept 15): Drop all this carbon-tax boosterism; they could easily do more harm than good (Related University of Calgary School of Public Policy report)

Aaron Wherry (Oct 1): In theory, carbon has a price. We just aren't paying it  

Trevor Tombe (Oct 3): Put a price on emissions and let the chips fall where they may 

Marc Lee (Oct 4): A reality check on a national carbon price

Don Drummond, Nancy Olewiler, and Chris Ragan (Oct 5): Carbon price vs.regulations: The better choice is clear 

Andrew Leach (Oct 6): The challenges ahead for liberal’s carbon plan 

Andrew Coyne (Oct 7): Liberals’ carbon price hardly a drastic measure 

Trevor Tombe (Oct 11): Here’s how much carbon pricing will likely cost households 

Andrew Coyne (Oct 12): Canada a small part of global emissions problem, but costs of inaction are not zero 

Paul Boothe and Julia Hawthornthwaite (Oct 12): Why the difference between taxing and trading carbon matters 

Joel Wood (Oct 12): The case for Canada going it alone on carbon emissions 

Blake Shaffer (Oct 14): Carbon tax: The real debate is about how the revenue is used 

Matt Horne (Oct 14): Justin Trudeau is right to break the national carbon pricing logjam

Jason MacLean (Oct 14): The Liberal government needs to boost its proposed price on carbon, while getting rid of subsidies to the energy sector

Paul Boothe, Mel Cappe, and Chris Ragan (Oct 16): A federal carbon price demonstrates policy progress, perils 

Andrew Leach, Mark Cameron, and Chris Ragan (Oct 18): How a revenue neutral carbon price can help Saskatchewan 

Jack Mintz (Oct 20): Canadians are going to pay for a lot more climate-policy pain than just the Trudeau carbon tax 

Brett Dolter (Oct 21): A White Paper Response to Saskatchewan’s Climate Change White Paper 

Paul Boothe, Mel Cappe, Don Drummond, Glen Hodgson, Richard Lipsey, Nancy Olewiler, France St-Hilaire and Christopher Ragan (Oct 24): The PM’s announcement on carbon pricing was a significant step, but important work remains to be done