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Fraser Forum Articles

Canadian cities can look to London and Stockholm for traffic solutions

European cities have solved their traffic problems using congestion pricing.

Is it time to lift the moratorium on offshore oil activity in BC?

There are likely significant deposits of gas and oil resources off the BC coast but exploration is prohibited.

Free our cities

Land use regulations are partly to blame for high housing prices in Canada's largest cities.

Ending Ontario's costly and misguided electricity subsidies

To help balance the budget, Ontario can cut the subsidies for the consumption and production of electricity.

The state of air quality in Canada

Despite what many environmental organizations might have you believe, air quality in Canada is improving.

Beer with your popcorn? not in British Columbia

BC's dated liquor laws make it impossible for venues such as movie theatres to obtain a liquor license.

British Columbia pesticide prohibition (w/ N. Gabler)

The proposed blanket prohibition on cosmetic pesticide use in BC is devoid of the careful contrasting of costs and benefits that should be undertaken before any regulations are adopted.

Canada's nuclear liability

The liability cap outlined in Canada's Nuclear Liability Act should be replaced with unlimited liability.

Canada's federal Renewable Fuels Regulations: An example of poor decision making

The recently imposed Renewable Fuels Regulations will result in large costs to the petroleum industry and consumers, while providing very little verifiable benefit to society.

Feed-in tariffs in Ontario: UnFIT energy policy

Is Ontario’s feed-in tariff policy the best way to stimulate the lagging economy and phase out coal-fired electricity?