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Newspaper Commentaries

The NDP's carbon tax increase puts B.C. on a very different path Macleans.ca.

Better ways to boost B.C. than banning log exports Times-Colonist.

The case for Canada going it alone on carbon emissions Macleans.ca.

Keep the carbon tax but ensure it's revenue neutral Vancouver Sun.

It's time to raise the gas tax National Post.

B.C. economy would gain from streamlined log export policies

Water quality of BC rivers improved over past 30 years: It's time to recognize the many success stories
Vancouver Sun, The Province, Times-Colonist.

HOT lanes are a great idea, but not for funding transit

No cost-saving with new vehicle emission standards
(w/ K. Green)
Guelph Mercury; Waterloo Record.

With give and take, BC can get its fair share
Financial Post; Vancouver Sun; The Province.

Fewer land use rules open doors: Task force’s recommendations should be adopted to boost affordable housing in Vancouver
Vancouver Sun.

Congestion pricing is needed

Vancouver Sun.

It’s time we let movie theatres serve liquor
The Province; Victoria Times-Colonist.

Is Vancouver ready to pay a steep price for being green?
Vancouver Sun.

Pesticide prohibition premature (w/ N. Gabler)
Winnipeg Free Press.

Lots of costs, but few new benefits
National Post.